„Ear catching melodies and startling improv”

– The Times (UK)

„The music is so perfect that it’s almost enough to make you reflect on fate and destiny.”

– All About Jazz

„An Israeli power-trio. Heavy jazz!“

- Rolling Stone (DE)

„A record-breaking trio with tremendous drive that tears down musical boundaries.“

- Lira (SE)

„Great melodic ideas, strong ensemble playing and gorgeous sound”

- Jazz Magazine (FR)

Tales of Utopia - SHALOSH

We are thrilled beyond words about the release of our new album Tales of Utopia today! We’ve worked on this album for more than two years, and it took many different shapes and forms before landing in your ears.

It is a concept album, using tales from different mythologies to create a single plot line that drives through the entire album. A young hero leaving his village and embarking on a journey of adventure, striving to an inner Utopia.



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