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Once again the groove is catchy, the way of shaping melodies utterly distinctive; these aspects define the sound of Shalosh. And once again, the trio is incredibly tight – after all, the band’s name does mean “three” in Hebrew. “An Israeli power trio. Heavy jazz!”, declared German Rolling Stone magazine; The critic from the Times found them “full of promi-se.“. At Deutschlandfunk, there was talk of “jazz in the fast lane”, once again reaching “young jazz fans all over Europe”. The three musicians, who live close to each other in Tel Aviv, each contribute their musical predilections – jazz, classical music, grunge, rock, techno or folk – into the common orga-nism, in which all these elements are rendered into an exciting mixture. And through their inspirational concerts around the globe, there has been constant further refinement. They take audiences with them by challenging them: this is music which aims to appeal to the heart, engage the intellect and get strai-ght through to the dancing feet.

Release Date
September 29, 2023
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